The Iliad (discussed in a remote Trojan colony in eastern Kansas in the 1980s)

Here are a few more tapes I had commissioned from professors Dennis Quinn and John Senior back in the 80s, this time on the Iliad. The sound is not always good, but the content rewards careful listening. I’m not sure they are always in the right order, but with these professors, this is hardly fatal. The digressions are often more important than the exposition (digressions being, as Senior said, ‘off the topic but on the theme’). I should forewarn prospective listeners that a wierd fowl (of unspecified species) and a number of Afghan hounds (raised by Mrs. Senior, as the tapes were recorded at the Senior farmhouse) often accompany, or even interrupt, the talks.


Iliad 01:

Iliad 02:

Iliad 03:

Iliad 04: